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New York is many neighborhoods - more than just the 5 boroughs of the Greater New York.  There are Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights - and Coney Island in Brooklyn.  There is Harlem and its many restaurants and impressive brownstones and historic and Hamilton Grange.  There is a whole world to New York!

But here are three of the more popular walks you can sample:

Some of The Street Teacher's Tours: 

1.) The World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial 
This walk begins at St. Paul's Chapel at 209 Broadway, between Fulton and Vesey Streets.  We shall meet closer to the Fulton Street Corner. We will speak about that day in Manhattan, and tour the chapel.  We will see the Memorial to those lost from American Express (who were working inside Number One World ).  You will learn about the people lost on that day and the heroic efforts of many during that time. 

2.) Greenwich Village - East or West? Or both! 
This walk can be configured any way you like, because the Village is really three neighborhoods that link to each other in very comfortable yet distinctly different ways.  Most may really be thinking of the West Village, when they imagine the quaint and irregular streets and some of the historic eating and drinking places; while many others are thinking of the East Village when they remember the counter-culture of the sixties and seventies, when Fillmore East was the big deal in popular , and the Beats were a virtually established "old guard."  And then there's New York University - right in the middle, around Washington Square.  We can see it all!

3.) Central Park, Midtown, and the Upper East & West Sides
Everyone has heard about Central Park - but have you really met The Central Park?! Come and explorer everyone's yard and learn what makes New York really special! 

And it's all just above Midtown Manhattan, and next to the Lincoln Center Neighborhood to the West, and the Upper East Side along the Fifth Avenue. 

But there is much more to see and enjoy!  Call the Street Teacher today: 917-921-9273 - or e-mail  You'll begin an adventure!

The Street Teacher's Other Walking Tours

Here's a picture taken just across the Hudson River in the woods not far away ... accessible by foot ... if you're willing!

Watch for Autumn Walks

I am designing public tours for the Fall - and some may go places we have been before, but others will surely uncover new places and history that may be new to you. 

So, stay tuned - I promise more frequent updates! 

But you can always make your own requests.  For example, we can help you know about other areas such as: 

1. The Lower East Side and Chinatown
2. Greenwich Village - from Klein Deutschland to the West Village
3. The High Line and the Meatpacking District
4. The Upper East Side and New York's great museums
5. The Acropolis of the New World: Columbia University and the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
6. Harlem, from the Morris Jumel Mansion in Washington Heights to the Apollo and Mt. Morris Park
7. SoHo and Tribeca
8. Midtown: Grand Central Terminal, The New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue, Times Square - and more!
9. The Upper East Side: some of the world's greatest museums, and most impressive neighborhoods.

Tours are also given by coach and other vehicles - large groups are especially welcome.  Please let us know what you need and would like to see and learn about our great city.

Put your "two cents" in!  From time to time The Street Teacher publishes
The Talk of New York, our blog in which I relate our discoveries in the City as we walk and travel throughout its streets and avenues - and alleys and riversides.  I hope you click on it and subscribe - and contribute.  Yes!  You can make a difference!  I think your contributions to the offerings here at The Street Teacher will make you more a part of us - and all of us together a boost to New York.
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