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The Upper East Side: Health, Wealth, and Philanthropy

149 E. 78th Street - now replaced by a grand new residence!

This is the Upper East Side

We shall walk this neighborhood to answer questions like:

a. Where did Citizens United come from? 

b. How should the "trickle-down" theory work?  was 

c. Should "the government" care about our health? - and more!

No, this isn't a political tour!  But this is an area where weath and public health have a presence - and for me a personal one too.  

This is the heart of the Upper East Side, yet we will walk from what was once a very multi-ethnic working class neighborhood all the way on one street to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the country.  Explore our neighborhood! 

Meeting Place: E. 76th St. and York Ave., at Bagels & Co. 

This building on the left was once the site of my father's offices, and the base of a foundation dedicated to public health.  And now?  Let's see! 

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