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We can now walk closer to the East River - from 53rd to 71st - and more to come!

We'll meet at 9:00am on Saturday, June 3 at the intersection of W. 178th Street and Fort Washington Avenue, at the corner of the George Washington Bridge Port Authority Bus Terminal.  Bring water!    Any questions? Call me at 917-921-9273.


Recently opened, there is a ramp from Sutton Place South at E. 53rd Street to the new promenade!

Please call or text 917-921-9273 or email to learn what we can do for you! .

Check out the tours offered by The Street Teacher! 

Come on over and take a stroll up along the river - and remember: this is just one more addition  in the master plan to have a walkway all around Manhattan - there's more to come!

New York has many, many attractions - but there are more wonderful curiosities like this just a few more miles up the Hudson River: Bear Mountain, Boscobel, Beacon, Kingston and more!  

So, why not check out The Street Teacher's tours  and discover more that's fascinating and awe inspiring!  New York is the Gateway to Wonders! 

What would you like to see?

For your next custom adventure, Email

Or call or text: 917-921-9273  

Thank Goodness!  Yes, Thanksgiving is approaching! 

It's always a good time to explore your neighborhood, and especially now when our city is becoming ever so slightly more festive. The Parade itself is really just around the corner - and possibly around your corner too!

These pictures to your left right here illustrate what's happening now - and even with the East Village picture on the upper left what has been visible now for years.  

You'll also discover (if you walk with the Street Teacher!) that some of our neighbors really work at giving you the frights!  

Click below to See and Book any of The Street Teacher's tours!

COME TO EXPLORE CENTRAL PARK THIS FALL! - Discover the peace in nature - in the middle of America's largest city - and marvel!

Tour Central Park with The Street Teacher and discover New York's largest work of art!

YOU MUST EMAIL, or CALL or TEXT 917-921-9273, to confirm meeting place and time for EVERY tour.


EXPLORE THE CITY'S VITAL NEIGHBORHOODS - Visit hidden parks and learn what makes this city great!

Hell's Kitchen, Greenwich Village, the Upper East Side, the Lower East Side and Chinatown, Chelsea, and Brooklyn are just a few of New York's great neighborhoods.


Explore the natural world in this unique park - perhaps the largest work of art in the city, for it indeed is all man made!  It's nature, but not naturally a park.  Learn how it came to be what it is today. 

Of course, there is nature, but it is also natural of man to manipulate nature, to dream of castles in the sky, and make mansions for himself.  This is all in one tour, and with these sights is history too! Click on the Button below and then on the Central Park & Upper East Side button to join in on this tour!


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